Friday, March 4, 2011

Pakistan’s ‘image deficit’

The adversaries of Pervez Musharraf need to chill out and seriouslythink what was soooooo wrong with Pervez Musharraf that we areprepared to grin and bear and bare all this going on in the Land ofthe Pure:
US State Department spokesman has said, "We will not toleratecorruption. The assistance that we are providing is for the people ofPakistan. We want to see this assistance get directly to the peopleof Pakistan".
Elizabeth Byrs, a spokesperson for UN Office for Coordination ofHumanitarian Affairs has said that Pakistan's 'image deficit' ishindering raising of aid for flood affectees inPakistan.
The Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs has issued this advisory to donors:Do NOT donate your money to any Pakistani President, PrimeMinister, General, Governor, Chief Minister, Minister, Senator, MNA,MPA, politician, political party, government official, bureaucrat,ambassador, diplomat, Embassy of Pakistan, federal, provincial orlocal governments of Pakistan, or their charities, groups,associations, organizations; earthquake, drought or flood relieffunds; or agents, etc., because almost all of them are crooks - - -.The above fears are more than justified in view of the two parallelgovernments being run most lavishly on aid from donors. One under theprime minister and a bigger one under the president. I may have got itwrong that the daily expenses of the president house are 11 lakhrupees.
Not to mention hotel suites for pounds sterling 7,000 per night X howmany nights? The nation would really like to know how much Zardari has stolen from the kittyfor his private cum official trip. Who was it who said that RichardHolbrooke spends more time in Pakistan than the president of Pakistan.In developing countries money is borrowed for purposes of developmentso that the developed projects can start paying back the debt. Tarbeladam is paying back its full construction cost every year. Mangla damis paying back twice its full construction cost every year. Most ofthe foreign funding in the early eighties was for consultancy fees forKalabagh dam and expenditure on the infrastructure at the site.
But Pakistan has shed off even the pretense of being in the ranks ofdeveloping countries. It has unashamedly joined the ranks ofunderdeveloped countries (due to its populist policies). Of course,the floods will help, now every missed financial target can be chargedto the floods. The ministers and their boss cango on living happily ever after.
Dr Yaqoob Bhatti in his letter to the Nation today has given a novelsuggestion. Change only one crook to set at rest the qualms of thedonors. He has said, PPP should change its president in aid of theflood relief victims.

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