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Current Status of Education and Suggestions for Improvement

It is a very popular quotation that,” If you want to destroy a nation, you should obliterate its Education".
Since the beginning of this Educational system, British rulers (who formulated this system in subcontinent India) organized this system in such a way that, this system could only produce the GOVERNMENT SERVANTS, which is alive till today with all of its vigour.
If there is an example of any Scientist, Schollar or note able person, it is because of its divine qualities, not due this educational system. Any body who knows this reality, he/she sends his/her children abroad for real education.
Perhaps this present Educational system could improve, but since this monster of cheating (Copy culture in examinations) has been injected in this system, it does not seem to be improved. This monster is working like CANCER and AIDS. In this cheating system of examination, the whole nation is involved. (Society, media persons, parents, teachers)
These all not only encourage and strengthen this process of cheating, but they also strengthen the materialism and build the mind to get every thing by any means. (Faith in God is continuously weakling)
Due to this, our new generation has stopped to use its divine capabilities, which results DEGREES without knowledge and Skills.
This does not mean that, our new generation is talent less, but it is divine rule that, if you stop to use your God gifted capabilities, they are rusted and in future you lose that capability.
Our nation is one of the talentd, capable and intelligent nations of the world, but due to the Government policies (which is always made by feudal lords, which never want the educated nation, because if nation is educated, it will never vote and salute such culprits), this nation is falling down continuously to words the bottom of all the nations.
Media (News Channels on TV, Newspapers, and Magazines), are playing a vital role for the decline of moral values in common people. They present the political persons and Bauru crates as SATAN.
And people see that, these SATANs have all the luxuries of the life and they are above the law, so why don’t we do the same and have all those facilities which these SATANs have.
Due to this propaganda, every common person says BAD to all these SATANs, but actually, they try to become just like them, this causes moral decline in Common people.
People say "NEGATIVE" to NEGATIVE, but do the same as those NEGATIVES.
The journalists and reporters, who expose the weaknesses of these SATANs, they blackmail these SATANs, by offering them, NOT TO EXPOSE all their Sins. These journalists and reporters gain personal benefits along with financial benefits from these SATANs. (Because majority of them do not get any remuneration from their News Channel or Newspaper)
A lot of these journalists and reporters are GOVERNMENT TEACHERS (PST to College Lecturer), which never go to their school or college, but draw the salaries continuously from Government.
NO ONE has the courage to bring them to duty.
To correct all these matters and solve these problems, Government can play the vital role.
If all the politicians of Government side and Opposition side avoid the corruption, favouritsm, nepotism, abide the law, and take decisions on merit, this will definitely bring the whole nation on righteous path.
In my view, to express the above background was very necessary to talk about educational status and improvement.
Now we will discuss about the Injustice, blunders and incompetence in Education Department.
After the devolution plan in 2001, District Government established, NAZIMs came, new setup was developed and new posts were created; but NO MERIT was used to fill them.
School teachers and Head Masters were posted on the posts of EDO, DOE and ADOEs, who NEVER performed their duties on their original posts, became FATHER OF THE NATION.
Who which had NO CAPABILITY to run their schools, were selected to drive the District Education Department. Further more they were awarded with extraordinary huge amount of money in shape of BUDGET for development and office use, these people who never ever saw hundred thousand at a time in life, so they fell down in full corruption and misused their powers to earn MORE money.
These people were not only incompetent, but they had NO SENSE of rule and regulations. They continuously violated and violating the laws and rules to make money quickly.
They appointed the teachers (PST, JST, HST) without merit and in excess, who do not perform their duties, but only draw the salaries from Government, these teacher pay a part of their salaries to these EDOs, DOEs and ADOEs.
These EDOs, DOEs and ADOEs formulated VISA policy, according to which hundreds of teachers are working on derailment, which never perform their duties but give some amount of their salaries to these EDOs, DOEs and ADOEs as VISA fee. (Empty Schools, Closed Schools)
No thought of Nation, No consideration for the future of the children, no sense of duty, but there is only one contemplation that, how to be rich by unfair means and how to get unclean money.
Where teachers are not capable to deliver any thing to students, Administration is not capable to manage the things, Low performance or No performance teachers and administrators are posted/appointed.
There is NO CHECK BALANCE, every body (Teachers and Administrators) are singing only one song continuously” ALL IS WELL”. This leads to complete disaster of Education.
Training programs have become formalities to gain money only (Beneficiaries are, Project Directors and concern staff of that project, Master Trainers and Participants).
No body is trying to gain Knowledge, if a third party evaluate these training programs/ projects; it will find that, this exercise is only for gaining the money, not for knowledge.
In 2006 the Secretary Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh, Sayed Ghulam Ali Pasha took the best effort, to separate the management cadre from teaching cadre.
He conducted a test in writing, 1350 Government officers of Grade 17-20 working under Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh participated in that test.
Out of 1350 Government officers of Grade 17-20, only 99 passed (passing marks were 50% for Males and 40% for Females).
After that, 60 Officer were declared as successful in verbal interview. (2 Additional Secretaries, 2 Deputy Secretaries, One representative of USAID and Secretary Education were getting the Interview)
That test was conducted to fill different posts in 15 projects and programs, but the Chief Minister and Minister for Education (of that time) did not agree with Secretary Education, so that whole the exercise vanished badly).
After that, those post were filled with the Non eligible persons with the recommendation of Chief Minister, Minister of Education and the collation partners of Government. (Favouritism).The same policy is still continued.
According to New Educational Policy 2009, it is decided that, the Teaching and Management cadre will be separated; this is very essential point of this new policy, if it is implemented (without any favouritis, nepotism and bribe) the whole system will be saved.
To select the people for Management and Administration, Government can follow the path of Ex- Secretary Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh, Sayed Ghulam Ali Pasha or can appoint through public service commission.
Before getting the posting orders all the successful candidates should take oath on Holy Quran that,” they will not get any type of BRIBE, they will not do any type of favouritism, they will not misuse their powers to harm any person due to personal grievances, and they will not perform any illegal action on the basis of pressure or greed".
After their posting Government should watch their activities continuously and award the good performance officers, while bad performance officers should be sent to their original postings with warning or terminated from service.
Every good work of the officers should be supported, appreciated and acknowledged.
Government should take care of the facilities of officers (Office, Staff, Vehicle, contingency budget etc)
The salary and allowances officers should meet International Standard.
Additional allowances should be paid to these officers for their additional skills.
To evaluate the performance of the officers, seminars should be conducted on year basis, where every officer would present his/her plans, efforts and achievements.
They should present their reports by themselves, so that other officers can improve their performance and learn from each other.
Good performance officers should be awarded (shields and cash prize), while bad performance officers should be warned.
To improve and enhance the capabilities of the officers’ compulsory training programs should be conducted continuously, so that they can deliver better in field. (Certificates of the course may be awarded on test basis)
Every officer may be posted on a post for at least three years, until he/she does not do any wrong thing.
No officer should be posted on political basis, nor replaced.
Recruitment of teachers may be through a non-local, neutral, Professional third party; free from political influence, which will definitely recruit the teachers on merit basis and according to the rules.
Teachers’ recruitment should be on contract basis, which can be regularized after three years on basis of good performance.
The attendance and performance of all the teachers may be checked by a non local, neutral, Professional third party free from political influence.
If still we do not take any effort to correct our Educational System, we will definitely become the most illiterate and worst nation of the world.

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